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What about Services?

What about support of services, vcard, etc?

Using the new provider architecture in the 1.1 release (available as daily builds), support for all those things can be easily added. I’'ve been thinking about it recently and it seems like a good approach may be to create a Smack standard extensions bundle. This would let the core package stay small, but would provide all the bells and whistles for those willing to use a larger library. If anyone is interested in working on this, let me know!



I think this is a great idea. I’'d even suggest going farther and grouping extensions by functional areas or making the extension package easily configurable so you can create a specific extension bundle with just the extensions you need.

Perhaps a simple ant build script that can be configured to jar up the right extension classes based on the build task chosen.

I would definitely vote to keep the core bundle as simple, small and clean as possible and put all of the extensions into a separate dist.


I intrested in it. I’'ve ported this (1.0.1) library to J2ME.

I replace those classes by:

Map -> Hashtable

List -> Vector

LinkedList (in PacketWriter) -> Stack

Socket -> StreamConnection

and Collections by own class, that now do simple copy of object (Vector)…

and remove methods setName() and setDaemon() for threads

and remove “debug window”, reason: it uses awt.

and method “class” replaced by Class.forName(“ClassName”), because it doesn’'t compile with J2ME classes.

and I modify (a bit) the xmlpull.mxp1.XMParser (remove “intern” method)


When will you release 1.1? Do you need my changes for 1.0.1 version?