What about the limitations?

Hi you all!

I’'ve discovered this XMPP server recently, just when I was ready for use Ejabberd server in my application.

Here I’'ve foun lots of lines talking about the features of this product… The matter is that I wanna know about the misfeatures, limitations and problems that Jive Messenger has.

Could anybaody tell me about those limitations (even better if comparing with ejabberd).

THank u all!!!

Miguel Angel Marín

Hi Miguel,

It’‘s good to hear that you found Messenger and are interested in using it. Here’'s a link to a comparison chart between the major XMPP open-source servers:


Hope that helps,


To add to Ryan’‘s post – the one major limitation at the moment is no server to server support. However, we’'re actively working on that feature and it will be part of the next major release.