What about XEP-0146


i was diggin a bit in the docs and the forum but all i got was a note about NOT supporting xep-0146 on transports. But what about the ordinary jabber server? Is? Will? Never? Sorry we forgot ill fix it in a sec! :wink:

This will decide about choosing the jabber-server software we will use.


I haven’t heard about such feature being already in Openfire, so probably it is not supported. As we don’t have many developers here (only a few volunteers) and if you rely on this feature, then i suggest looking for another jabber server as it is unknown when and whether it will be implemented.

For XEP-0146: Remote Controlling Clients (remote controlling clients using Ad-Hoc Commands) you may not need any server support. What do you expect from the Openfire/XMPP server?