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What are all those connections in server to server session

I finally managed to enable my server to work with other servers (set the key http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/198274#198274, ser an SRV record, open incoming tcp 5269 on the firewall, etc…), and I can now IM to users on other IM servers such as gmail.

Now, when I go to the admin console, Sessions, Server Sessions, there are a lot of connections listed there. Most of them to servers on which I have no contacts, such as: proxy.jabber.freenet.de, verdammung.org, vke.ru. Those appeared as soon as I open the port on the firewall.

What are they ?


I see the same behaviour on my server. This seems to be caused by the messenger Empathy. When no one with that messenger is connected, none of these connections appear, but once someone with that messenger connects, those connections pop up. I have no idea how to conquer this without disallowing Empathy, neither do I know why Empathy causes this.

This is what it looks like 30 sec. after connecting with Empathy:


I checked the source-code of Empathy’s Jabber-module “telepathy-gabble”. In it’s connection.h I found this:

/* List of public SOCKS5 proxies: * http://coccinella.im/servers/servers_by_proxy_bytestreams.html */
    { "proxy.jabber.org", "proxy.jabberfr.org",\
      "proxy65.rooyee.biz", "proxy.jabbim.cz",\
      "proxy.jabber.bluendo.com", "proxy.jabber.dk", "proxy.jabber.freenet.de",\
      "proxy.fsinf.at", "proxy.jabber.minus273.org",\
      "proxy.jabber.planetteamspeak.com", "proxy.jabber.tf-network.de",\
      "proxy.jabjab.de", "proxy.jabster.pl",\
      "proxy.ubuntu-jabber.de", "proxy.ubuntu-jabber.net",\
      "proxy65.unstable.nl", "proxy.verdammung.org", "proxy.vke.ru",\
      "proxy.vodka-pomme.net", "proxy.jabbernet.eu",\
      NULL } /* These proxies appeared to be the same as proxy.jabbernet.eu
    "proxy.jabberchat.eu", "proxy.shady.nl", "proxy.nedbsd.be",\
    "proxy.nedbsd.eu", "proxy.nedbsd.nl", "proxy.4business.nl"\


Looks like they hardcoded those servers.

Update 2:

I filed a bug report:


Update 3:

I filed another bug report: