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What are my message archiving options?


I would love to be able to archive all messages on the server side of things instead of in my clients (kopete at home and gaim at work).

I am aware that i can turn on message logging in the admin console, but that’'s not the same thing as it puts all messages into a single log file and not the database. As it is, a rotating file it seems more for debugging info then anything else.

I saw that the enterprise plug-in does this and i pulled out my credit card to order it till i saw that it was going to cost me hundreds of dollars a year. I’‘m the only user and i don’'t need 15 seats at $15 a pop, as my ass is not that wide nor is my wallet that thick.

Could a message logging plug-in be written or would that conflict with the Enterprise product? If not, is anyone working on such a thing?

Are there any other 3rd party plug-ins?

What are my options now, and are there plans for the future that would allow this functionality?

On idea would be to allow single licence purchases. I’‘d bet you’‘d sell a lot of them, but most of us can’'t afford 15 of ''em.

Thank you,


Hi Bearcat,

We’‘ve (Jive) has focused our archiving efforts on the Enterprise Edition because we see it as a value-added business feature that isn’‘t required for core real-time collaboration (RTC). We’‘d love to be able to sell 1-user seats, but the transaction costs are high enough that this doesn’'t make commercial sense so we have set a 25 user minimum on the purchase. A message logger could definitely be written as a plugin to the server (that is how the Enterprise Edition does it).

There is a standard being defined for server-side chat history for users that we will be implementing once the specification firms up. I’‘m not sure if this fits your requirements, but might just be what you are looking for. There is no date yet on when we’'ll be adding this functionality.




Thank you. That answers the question nicely. I’'m looking forward to the specification being firmed up or getting a raise so i can afford the enterprise plug-in.