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What causes the difference between raw and interpreted packets received?

Hi folks,

I’m writing a simple Scala wrapper for smack and I prefer to handle all XML processing (parsing and serializing) in Scala code. Hence I thought the best thing I can do is to: 1. add a root packet listener that handles all incoming stanzas and 2. write Packet subclasses with Scala flavored toXML (PubSub is my main interest at the moment).

But I can’t seem to access the raw packets in a packet listener, the packets I receive contain the parent node but not the child nodes e.g. instead of getting this:


I receive this:

Which is the same as the contents of the “Interpreted” tab in the debugger.

Q1. What causes this?

Q2. How can I dig deeper and access raw XML data from the reader (like the one used for the debugger)?

Any help is appreciated.