What changes reuquired in Admin GUI so that I can select my own UserProvider and AuthProvider class

I made MyCustomAuthProvider which implement AuthProvider Interface and one class MyUserProvider which implement UserProvider interface. I made openfire.xml according to instruction provided there for using these two classes. When I run server first time. I need to configure via admin GUI. When make setting it again modify the openfire.xml to user DefaultAuthProvider. How can I change the Admin console that I can use my customized classes.

What exactly do you want to achieve? It’s not clear for me.


I want to Use MyAuthProvider and MyUserProvider. To use these I need to modify openfire.xml manully. I want to change in Admin GUI so that I can edit by Admin console to use my own providers while setting up the openfire server.

I see now. You can try this:

Go to “System Propetries” on the sidbar of Admin Console. And then add new properties like:



Hope this will help. Tell me if it works.


By addin properties here doen’t help for AuthProvider and UserProvider because these properties is saved in database and not used while startup.

bootstrap properties only loaded from openfire.xml


Then there is only one way - to write a plugin.