What code version to use for PubSub and Bosh?

Hello all.

I am looking to use both Bosh and PubSub in our project:

Bosh to create XMPP sessions on behalf of the we clients, and PubSub to feed change notifications to the client.

Can someone with experience with Smack recommend a version/branch or even maven dist. that has both of these features. I am having trouble finding such a configuration.



For pubsub you will need to take one of the nightly builds. There is no maven dist. at this point with that code.

Can’t tell you anything about Bosh.

Thnk you Robin. Are the nightly builds in a maven repo?

I think I will use the jbosh lib directly, since it looks like currently smack just wraps that library for Bosh functionality and the two uses for me are completely separate.

No, Smack doesn’t currently use maven (that will change) and the only release in the central maven repo is for the released version.

Nightly Builds are off of the downloads link on the main page.