What does this openfire server error mean? (org.jrobin.core.RrdException)

org.jrobin.core.RrdException: Bad sample timestamp 1212032400. Last update time was 1212032400, at least one second step is required

at org.jrobin.core.RrdDb.store(Unknown Source)

I get this error sometimes and have no idea what i means.


you are using a monitoring Plugin (eg Enterprise) which updates data usually every minute. If you get this error quite often you likely need to restart Openfire to get rid of this error. There are some rare cases where it’s possible that the monitoring thread is executed two times and thus produces these errors every minute.

There may be some other timing issues which can cause this error. Does your Openfire server runs in a virtual machine?


Do you use Monitoring plugin? This plugin is using RRD (round robin database) to store statistics. So i guess it’s related to that plugin, but i dont know what does it mean. Something is wrong with a timestamp. So it cant store next packet of statistics, because such timestamp already exists in a database. What about statistics page? Is it showing statistics to you? Is it changing?

No, it’s running at a physical machine.

Do you know what effect does this error have on Openfire?

Haven’t tested that part yet, right now (we’re still setting everything up) we only use the monitor plugin to store chat messages in the database. Do you think this error affects that functionality as well?

Will run some test to see if the stats page doesn’t update properly.

Is there a fix for this bug? Will there be a fix for it?

Have you tried to restart Openfire as it2000 suggested? Also, what OS you are running on? Time settings are ok? Maybe Time and Zone settings in Openfire can affect that. Not sure. I dont get that error.


chat messages are likely stored by another Java thread.

RRD is used for #users, #mucs and other counter values. As it is a normal Java thread as far as I know (I did not look at the source code yet) I wonder why such timing issues occur for you. Anyhow one can usually live with some missing counter values. But it may still be interesting how often you see these messages.


Not sure what has changed but for the last couple of weeks it’s been gone. A bit worring as it would be nice to know what caused it to make sure it doesnt return.