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What else does Fastpath need?

Hello All,

It’‘s been a while since we’'ve done new features within Fastpath, and I was wondering what Fastpath does not have at the moment that you feel is needed in future releases. Go to town with it



Hello …

Right I have a few ideas and I hope they all make sense and realise that some of them might not be possible -

1.\ the ability to transfer files/screen shots between Users on Fast Path system

2.\ the ability for a queue in a workgroup to part of another workgroup without the need to recreate it.

3.\ possible remote control option

4.\ integrating the Status option in spark (away, available) to whether or not your are logged into the FastPath system

on what drthorne1 said…

  1. YES YES YES! (if the client could screenshot then that’'d be even better again)

  2. Agreed

My ideas:

  1. Ability to queue in multiple workgroups

  2. Variables from the chat initiation form are passed through

  3. Variables are available in canned responses/macros. $ $, etc.

  4. Fix all the weird issues like theres lots of annoying ‘‘sometimes’’ bug that don’‘t happen often enough to pin point or report or users tell me about them a month later and can’'t remember enough.

  5. Confirmations to ending chat sessions when people are still in it

  6. Option for text links instead of images

  7. Find support in chat transcripts

  8. Ability to sort the fastpath chat history


Fastpath was our entire reason for getting enterprise openfire, it’‘d be nice to see more headway on it, sometimes it seems like the great idea that doesn’'t get much love :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Add search by Name to the pages where you add agents to workgroup queues.

Our LDAP directory has thousands of names. The usernames are employee

numbers so you can’‘t browse for a person’'s real name. You already have this

search capability in “Users/Groups->Advanced User Search”. Just put it inline

with the workgroup creation procedure.

  1. Multiple workgroup membership. Allow a fastpath client to be “logged in” to more than one workgroup.

Maybe this is a Spark client limitation?

We would like to sponsor the login to multiple workgroups feature. Is there a developer that would like to contract with us to do the work on this?