What features would you like to see added to fastpath-webchat

If any of you are currently using the fastpath-webchat interface what features would you like to see added to it or how would you change it for the better?

Some things that I’ve had to implement in our custom instances:

  • a lot of custom interfaces (html) from the ground up
  • configuration for dedicated workgroup instances (no ?workgroup= url or form parameters, all hidden on the backend)
  • custom end-chat actions (customer satisfaction surveys)

Are any of these issues you’ve had to deal with? Are there any other features you’ve had to implement or wish were implemented?

Let me know!

  • The possibility to get more statistics (for example per user/agent) and to automate a report that is being emailed out automatically each week for example.

  • Fix a bug where Max chat sessions is set to 2, but users get 3 chat sessions at the same time anyway.