What happened to our Openfire server?

Is there something wrong with igniterealtime.org Openfire internal server? I haven’t logged in for a week or so and now i can’t login, though it seems that my PC just can’t find a server at igniterealtime.org. Maybe some DNS issue on my side, but weird. MSN and Gtalk gateways work, and XMPP and ICQ doesn’t.

I can’t login from my work either, so it is not just my DNS issue.

Ah, I thought I had mistyped my password in my new IM client. It turns out that Openfire was out of memory. I restarted it - it should be fine now.

Thanks. I suddenly felt like i’m isolated from the world. My ICQ doesn’t work with Spark anymore (probably they have finally shutdown custom clients) and then jabber didn’t work either