What happened to stop the server in the admin console in 3.2?

in the admin console in 3.1.1. you could stop the server and start it believe from the admin console. in 3.2, that option seems to be gone?

Hey David,

In Wildfire 3.1.1 and older it was only possible to stop the server but not start it (of course). Since we realized that stopping the server from the admin console (and not being able to start it) was confusing so we decided to remove that feature.


– Gato

ok as long as it wasn’'t a bug in my install

so how do you stop the server in Mac OS X?

btw, this is not documented in the obvious places.

or i’'m the newest of newbies to this app.


System Preferences-> Wildfire-> Stop service.

This should be documented somewhere more obvious.


betterMacSupport wrote:

so how do you stop the server in Mac OS X?

If you installed Wildfire using the DMG package you can open the System Preferences, select the Wildfire preference pane and click on the “Stop Wilfire” button.