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What I need to accomplish , how do I do it

I am trying to centralize our IM system and provide secure communications between our staff internally and clients externally. At the same time logging all messages and conversations.

Intranet jabber server, that is the corporate gateway between MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM. And maybe support trillian encryption.

Log all conversations secure or not secure.

Cross platform client support as we run a mix of windows and linux boxes.

Integrate with our LDAP system.

Is there a solution available to accomplish everything I need?




You can use Wildfire with SSL for security. I have noticed post relating transport for MSN and Yahoo. You can log all conversation. Wildfire server and some clients support both linux and windows. You can use LDAP for authentication.



How do I log all conversations? Will secure conversations be logged also? What about conversations via AIM transport?

I checked a post from dec and it said that logging was still in development.




The logging feature is already in the server. I think that you are talking about the application that can view the log conveniently. Yep, it might still be in beta release, you can help in developing and make it out of beta. I don’'t know much about AIM transport tho.