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What is faster? Group Chat or using the BroadCast plugin?

Greetings all,

A quick question for anyone that can answer this question. I need to deliver messages to a global group of users in the fastest way possible. What is the most effective way to do this, subscribe all users to a group chat and deliver messages through the conference or use the broadcast plugin? Any help will be much appreciated.



Well. I dont quite understand the question. Are asking what type of messages are smaller and therefore faster to transfer other network? Then i think there is no significant difference.

I mean what is the faster way to deliver a given message to a group of subscribers, through broadcast plugin or by means of a chat service. The size of the message is irrelevant, what is important is speed of delivery. It could be for example that the broadcast plugin uses a one-to-one transmission policy (that is sending a distinct message to every one of the group members), whereas the chat service could use a broadcast protocol like UDP so its sending out only a single message. Since I do not know the technical diffrences between the two options I am asking if anyone has a more detailed insight on this subject.

I see. I think there is no person to answer such a question here. Maybe Gato could answer this, but Jive employees are now rare guests here. Personally i think it sends one-to-one messages in both cases. Aslo it uses only TCP.


It seems XEP-0033 Extended Stanza Addressing such thing you need.

And this xep is implemented in Openfire now.