What is going on with Kraken plugin?

So basically Kraken plugin does not work with the latest Openfire (3.7.1 and i have tried both the beta and official version). I have read nearly all of the Kraken plugin posts and as far as i understood, the main developer was suppose to release one last update for it to be compatible with latest Openfire before he completely goes off to the other project. It was also supposed to be released under Openfire official plugins.

Now i’m wondering if that is even going to happen? If it does then about when? I know Kraken also does not have a lead developer atm, hopefully this wont be much of a problem in the future.

Perhaps someone can answer these questions or maybe someone knows the Kraken plugin developer more personally.

Since we are at this topic, does someone have alternatives to Kraken plugin? Would be great if the alternatives would be “all-in-one” pack like Kraken was, but separate plugins are fine too. These plugins should work under windows server as well.

Thanks in advance, hopefully Kraken will survive this!

Just to confirm: Kraken works very well indeed with openfire 3.7.1. Dont understand yr. Troubles.

You are correct. For some reason after updating Openfire to 3.7.1 the plugin did not work anymore. I deleted it under the plugins folder and wiped the database, after that it now works. Well to be fair, only MSN protocol works, Yahoo! has problems, haven’t figured out how to get the facebook one to work, some others i don’t need/don’t work.

Anyway i had some other questions about Kraken, perhaps someone has some answers. (also about any alternatives)

Just to confirm, Kraken 1.1.3 beta 3 works for me with Openfire 3.7.1 on Windows XP. I didn’t had to reinstall Kraken or wipe its database. Though maybe i have done this with some other Openfire version, because i had to redone my whole database recently. I only use Gtalk, ICQ, MSN and Jabber transports. They do work.

As about Kraken. Daniel (ex-developer) is probably too busy with his work and the new project (Spectrum), but i hope he will finish migrating process soon. The source is already in our svn. He needs to migrate tickets to our JIRA, release the 1.1.3 final version and post it on our site in the Plugins section. Can’t really tell when this will happen. But as Kraken is still working (at least for 2 of us and there are no other reports in the forums) we can wait.

I’m afraid there is no all-in-one alternative other than this new Daniels project, but it is still in the works. He has posted a doc with proposed alternatives and some of them also work on windows, but most of them work as separate transports for different protocols and also require additional software to be installed (Pythin in case of PyMSNt, PyICQt)

Here’s the link to the recent Daniel’s content:


Indeed. We are hesistent to include kraken in the default suite of plugins from the igniterealtime website given we don’t have somebody willing to take on the pain that Daniel describes with keeping up with the various IM protocols. Until that happens, it’ll continue to be a one-off process I suspect. The code is at least here now and the Jira tickets are being imported as we speak.