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What is hosting requirement for Openfire


Can anyone share information on web server specifications for installing OpenFire. What all is pre-requisite on linux / windows web-servers.


You have to spell out your hosting requirement in greater detail ?.

  1. Scalability : How many users do you expect ?. How many of them would be concurrent ?. What kind of usage do you anticipate throughout the day, throughout the week, throughout the year … ?. Do you anticipate a lot of file-transfers ?. Do you want to start small and have the option of adding hardware to scale ?. This leads to a consideration of a clustering type of solution. This has attendant issues to consider. All of these will help you to estimate your hardware requirement.

  2. Availability : If you have telco-grade availability requirements. (for e.g a max of 15 mins downtime in a year) then you have to ensure that you have physical replication, log replication etc to consider.

  3. Manageability : If you need to “manage” the system actively then you may consider hosting the openfire server on a J2EE platform.A JMX or SNMP solution might be needed.

  4. Logging : If you need db-level logging for instance to enable arbitrary logging/archiving or to satisfy federal requirement then this changes the equation. RDBMS’s bring a lot of functionality and cost a lot. You have to think of that.

  5. Integration : If you integrate openfire with other web-apps than you have to design an appropriate solution for session handling. (replication, scaling, persistence etc).

  6. Security : Another long story …

  7. Integration with other IM systems : Yet another long story …

In short you have to assess your requirements in detail, analyse them and that usually leads to the right answers. A seasoned production exec from Visa’s production IT center once told me that after all the calculations are done by the engineering folks, they usually add a factor of 2x as they order hardware. :slight_smile:

Cheers …



Thanks for reply. I am expecting 1000-2000 concurrent users. Working on a small metaverse where people will browse 3D world and chat together.