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What is in the database

Hello everyone,

Just a quick question, I am installing openfire soon in our network but I want to make sure that I choose the right type of database, for this I want to know what is in the database, and will it continue to grow or will it stay the same size?


Hi superflyer77,

Lots of data is in the database This data may include user information, rosters, chatroom configurations, offline messages, etc… It will continue to grow as your users do stuff on the server.

You are probably asking if you should use the embedded database versus an external one? A quick answer is that for testing and very small userbases, the embedded database works just fine. Once you start having hundreds of users, you will want to think about external databases. There isn’t a clearcut number to switch between embedded or external. Users have had good experiences with both.


Thank you that is what I was looking for. I think that to play it safe I will go with an external SQL DB. We are looking at 150 users so to play it safe I think that I will go that way.