What is openfire exactly for?

I have some questions about openfire and I couldn’t really find answers anywhere.

I have an app which has so far facebook login. I get the gender and the profile picture and I create the user in my database via php(POST). Now I want to add chat facility to this app.Should I keep using my database for storing chats,users etc. and the openfire+smack to connect within my facebook login and send messages ? If I have to use the openfire database, how can I change the user table to include my parameters too ? I don’t get how this is working at all and nobody seems to have made a nice tutorial to explain this. Where can I find information about this? How do people know how to implement it ? It doesn’t make any sense to me on how to use it.

Hi Bogdan,

Openfire is one type of server which can be used for bosh request over http.

You can use your database in openfire for that you have to configure your database password/username and need to do setup in openfire it will use that database afterwords.

There is too many IQ Handler like register,auth,ping and etc which helps you to connect your openfire using your domain name and it is responding like server using that you can do whatever you want to develope.

Yes you can add chat functionality using the openfire server. even whatsapp also using xmpp server and openfire also use that.

if you want to learn how to built it you can visit following link.

Hope it is useful to understand.

Best of luck

Thank you for responding. I have openfire configured and I’ve also used spark to test it and it’s working. What I would like to do now, is to make the connection as stateless as possible. I want to use my database for storing and everything and openfire just for dealing with messages. Is there any documentation/tutorials about this?

openfire is not for to just deal with the messages.

You can also store your information in database and further you can use it.

if you want to customize openfire you can also do that for that you need to develop your plugins if you want to learn then visit the following blogs.

Openfire: Customization Guide

Openfire: Plugin Developer Guide

Openfire: Overview

Thank you for all that information, but this process looks really complicated. I would rather have my own database which I can query via php and not have to deal with implementing everything in openfire. Is that possible? If so how? Would I have to maintain a connection opened and also when a message is sent store it to my own database?