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What is required to see Spark toolbar voice button and use voice?

The help PDF states that to open voice chat, I need to click a phone button on the toolbar.

But there is no toolbar that I can see. Right under the status button contact list begins. Do I need to enable toolbar in the preferences?

Thank you!

It probably means toolbar in the chat window, not in the main window. Usually voice chat button is the last one after the Conversation History button. But you probably won’t find this button there either. This button only shows up when STUN server is configured in Openfire.


I enabled STUN server in Openfire (by downloading STUN plugin and adding a 2nd IP) and in Spark preferences but still see no voice call button (phone?)

It should be a telephone receiver icon. Can’t help more than that. I don’t have to IPs to test this.

What is your role here? Are you one of the devs or just a user like me?

2nd IP can be added to a NIC in Windows or Linux in matter of seconds.

Not a dev. More like moderator/tester.

Well, maybe those IPs have to be on separate interfaces then. You are trying with the 2.6.3 official version? I haven’t tried voice calling for a long time (btw, it is buggy, sound stutters often, so maybe not worth trying). Maybe it was even removed from the code (in the latest svn versions), though i don’t remembet this.

Maybe someone from the dev team can provide authoritative answers on this?

There is no “dev team”. All projects here are not very active. Only a few volunteers providing patches for some specific areas from time to time. I can try asking a few fairly active developers about this, but not sure i will get an answer.

You can try checking Red5 section, though it is a video calling solution and always changing http://community.igniterealtime.org/community/plugins/red5

Or Dele’s blog posts about his experiments and plans for Openfire/Spark plugin for video calling http://community.igniterealtime.org/community/support/jitsi_videobridge_plugin/o fmeet/blog/2014/01/03/ofmeet-video-conferencing-application-based-on-jitmeet

Video is not exactly voice, I am not sure how it would help.

Actually, after some more testing, I saw a phone icon in the chat toolbar when I chatted from a Win7 machine to another user on Win7 machine as well. There is no such icon when I am chatting between Win7 and XP in any direction.

When I pressed phone button, an error was displayed after a little while.

Session closed due to Unable to negociate session. This may be casused by firewall configuration problems.

The user on an XP machine now has the button too, but when chatting with them from a Win7 machine I do not have a button. When they are calling me, I get a call popup, accept it, it says negotiating session, then they see the same error as above, but I see:

Voice chat ended: Closed remotely

There is no firewall. The server is behind a router and ports are NATed to its IPs:

5222 to

3478 to

3479 to

What else is required for voice to work?

For further testing I set up 2 identical XP 64 bit machines and installed Spark offline latest version.

Both machines now have phone button in chat.

When phone button is pressed, voice call is received on another end. When accepted, the initiating Spark shows call panel in chat with active red End Call button.

The receiving Spark does not transmit any voice to the initiating Spark. I do not yet have a microphone on the initiating machine so I cannot test the other direction. Once End Call button is pressed, voice call ends. Initiating the call again leads to another voice call where End Call button is no longer enabled.

I am a Java developer and if I had access to your source code, I could fix some of those bugs for you if you don’t have time or don’t know how to fix them. How can I obtain Spark source code?

It is great to hear you are willing to help. We lack developers here. Source code can be obtained via SVN http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/source.jsp

Once you have a patch, you can just attach it here (in diff format) and i will create a ticket in the bug tracker and attach it. Hopefully some of the still active developers will be able to review it soon and it will be commited into SVN. Though we don’t have people working on SIP phone. Unless Dele could check it, though he is moving from SIP to WebRTC. Btw, i have asked him about Spark voice chat situation. His reply was:

When Jive first developed the SIP and Jingle plugins for Spark with the Media proxy for Openfire, they were well ahead of everyone else. Both plugins have since become outdated and fallen behind with changes to the specs and active development on other implementations like Jitsi

Red5 plugins are no more in active development as WebRTC is the prefered way forward instead of the proprietary Flash player.

Both plugins are crying out for some attention by anyone who can afford it. The JItsi library (libjitsi) can be used to bring them both up to date. In fact someone has provided everything needed to do this

I cannot figure out anything from his response as I don’t have a faintest idea what those acronyms mean.

What I am looking for is pressing the button and hearing voice chat between two Spark installations.

If that does not work and not going to work, then I guess it will be only ethical to stop advertizing Spark as supporting voice communication. Otherwise you are having the world wasting time downloading, configuring and testing obsolete bugged features in Spark, registering here, asking questions, waiting for the answers and finally coming to a conclusion that Spark is not as advertized.

To sum it up:

  • for 6 years now Openfire does not work with Pidgin, Psi and Miranda and all 4 dev teams are pushing the envelope

  • Spark is a bugged and neglected piece of software

  • devs don’t visit the forum and probably don’t even know how bugged OF and Spark are.

Have I summed up this nice picture correctly?

Edit 1:

I think I am beginning to understand some of the reasons why Spark is so bugged. The very first glance at the code shows that

You are still using com.sun.org.apache classes. For example, check out this very clear and extensive explanation why they should not be used:

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2791372/is-com-sun-org-apache-same-as-org-apa che-package

Edit 2:

Where can I get org.lobobrowser jars? Their site produces 404. Another obsolete library. No good.

As i recall Openfire works with Pidgin (tried just yesterday), Psi and Miranda, unless you are talking about some specific feature. I mean basic chatting, contacts, file transfer, group chat is working. If you mean voice chat, then i can’t speak about that as i don’t use voice.

Spark has bugs and is not a very active project, because there are no full-time developers, only some volunteers doing patches in their spare time.

Original developers (Jive) has left this site and projects many years ago. They still provide hosting and infrastructure, but are not involved anymore. We (volunteers in the forums and doing patches) do not own this site or forums. We can’t change this site and remove false “advertisements” ourselves.

Don’t know how can we warn newcomers about the situation. Sure, i can put an announcement on top of the forums, but it will get lost and 90% of users are not reading them anyway.

No, it does not. If the client cannot log in, it means it does not work.

Neither of the three clients can log in - they are getting a 6-year-old “not authorized” error message if they are logging in as an existing account.

They can register a new account if the server admin allows that, of course. New accounts work. Old accounts don’t.

It’s hilarious that you are now hiding my previous post behind ‘being moderated’. Trush hurts?

Posts with links are automatically hidden for moderation, because spammers often hit these forums.

If you are going to keep this snarky attitude, then i might just leave this thread and let you boil in your juices alone. I’m not even a developer, so i don’t know anything about libraries you have mentioned. I can just answer some questions or try to help with some issues, but i don’t want to feel as a target of some “holy crusade” while doing this. I do not own you anything.

Don’t worry, I am done with Spark. Already migrated everyone to Jitsy and all is tip top.

When I saw what terrible mess the source code was, it was perfectly clear that it needed nothing but kerosene and matches.