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What is the best free Windows messenger client?

Just looking for something small and clean.

Thanks, DK

Hi DK,

Everyone has their favorite and there is a whole list of client url=http://www.jabber.org/software/clients.shtmlhere[/url]. Exodus is pretty simple and Pandion has a nice feel to it. Try a few out and see what works best for you.

Hope that helps,


In my company everybody use Pandion. It simple, clean, available in many languages, fast and a very good user interface.

I use Pandion as well. The coolist part is that it is almost all HTML and Javascript, so it’'s very easy to customize and tweak…

My score goes to pandion. It is great program that makes client side extremely easy. It is not geekish so i can easily advice to all my friends without worrying…


We use Pandion here too but unfortunately our users outside the domain can’'t connect. Do you have any users connecting from outside firewall?

I like Coccinella: http://hem.fyristorg.com/matben/

Personally I use Trillian as I have a huge number of different IM accounts. My business partner used Cocinella until recently when I changed her over to a branded version of Exodus. She finds the interface on Exodus easier than Cocinella.

My reason for the branded version of Exodus is that I have set the “Help” menu up to point to internal web pages so I can deal with the initial support and seek further information should it be required (trying to save the Jabber community from a non-computer literate user

Dear all,

which is the best client for windows that have feature

  1. To store their information such as full name n email

  2. Got search features

  3. User Friendly

I’‘m try to use Exodus, but i can’‘t install it on my client. Is it need delhi7. Please Help. Currently, i’'m using Soapbox.

Thank You.

Currently, i’'m using Soapbox.

Thank You.

I think Soapbox/Pandion (same client) is a great choice. Does it not have a particular feature you’'re looking for?



Dear Matt,

Nope, Soapbox/Pandion don’‘t have such feature (it has the search feature but cannot locate or search for user nickname/name). Acctually, i try use GAIM at first, Gaim can store information but don’'t have search feature. Then i try using NEOS, it has serach feature but cannot store information. Is it any client that have all of this features.

Thank You

i dont quite understand what info storage and search featires are you looking for. You are spaking about vCard? Personal information of a contact? Exodus can store this, right click a contact and select Properties. As about search, you should try installing Search plugin:



yea, something like information of the user like email, full name, address and so on. About the search plug-ins, i already install on my server. but now, i want the user can search for another user thorugh client messenger, not search user at the server. For example, user A can search user B through any Windows messenger client that offer search servie…is it exodus can do this two features?? If can, how i want to install Exodus?? I try to install but failure…thanx

User Information:[/b]

First of all while creating user in Admin Console, you can specify user’‘s email address. But Exodus doesnt gets this email, dont know about other clients. Dont know what is the purpose of this field in user registration form. Maybe it’'s intended for Email service. Anyway. You can enter your personal information using Exodus client:

Tools > Edit My Profile, Avatar

here you can enter all you want

and if you want to check personal info of other users in Exodus, right click any contact in roster and select Properties. It will show you all info, email too.

Search service:[/b]

First of all, you should enable this plugin at server. In Admin Console go to:

Server > Search Properties and Enable it if it’'s not.

Then in Exodus client press Ctrl+S or go to:

Tools > Contacts > Search for a Contact

press Next and now you can search.


Thanx a lot. I already done n successful done.

I’‘m using Pandion too - it’'s has a really nice and clean interface but has still a little limited functionality.