What is the best way to monitor JIRA?

I was searching for a best way to monitor JIRA for the new issues. But i cant find. Using filters is not very convinient and rss subscription seems to stay static and doesnt really update after new issues are filed. Maybe i’m missing something? The best would be to have a rss feed which is updated with every new issue add, better with the project selection.

Using filters is not very convinient
I think there is an plugin for JIRA that allows to share filters. I think filters are the best method. In my own JIRA I’m using a filter that greps all changes in the last 60 minutes and sends this every 60 minutes by mail, if the filter result was not empty. However, this mails are not very detailed.

I could write a document how to create such a filter.

It would be nice to have such instructions. You say this report will not be detailed, but it would be sufficient to have at least a link to a changed or new ticket.

Such a mail looks like this. I’m using an German JIRA, tried to translate.

[JIRA] Subscription: 60 min Issue Subscription
Filter: 60 min (3 issues)
Changes in last 60 minutes
Abonnent: mw40***** Key         Description
JABBER-179  kernel.2.6.18-92.1.18.el5 und weitere Updates
JABBER-178  Openfire 3.6.1
JABBER-177  schwerwiegende Sicherheitslücken
            https://jira.rz.rwth-aachen.de/browse/JABBER-177 You may edit this subscription at:

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I created an document now:


Great! I have set a filter and subscription to report about all newly created issues. I have added this to your document. Thanks!