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What is the best way to setup Wildfire for 2 offices each behind ISA Server

How do you setup wildfire/spark to work for 2 offices each behind thier own MS ISA Server (Proxy Server)?

Currently, we have a wildfire server at one office. All the spark clients behind the firewall are communicating with spark. Additionally, spark clients can login from home. But the clients from the second office cannot login due to the proxy server issue.

What is the best way to solve this?

Do I add another wildfire server to the 2nd office?

How do I connect the 2 wildfire servers?

Is there a way to modify the proxy settings, so the clients from the 2nd office can go through?

Thanks for your help.


does ISA support XMPP connections? I see currently no need to put the Openfire servers behind proxy servers.

Do both offices use the same domain name? As you may want to use the same address for email and jabber this may be critical.

If the offices use the same mail domain then you may want to use only one server and probably a connection manager in the smaller office.

If the offices use two different domains than a simple s2s connection should be fine to connect both servers with each other.


How do I setup a connection manager?

http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/wildfire/connection_manager.jsp describes the CM, I don’'t know if you can install them as a windows service.



May be easier just to have a chat.domain.com or whatever and set the ports open over the web if thats possible? All comms are encrypted so privacy isn’'t an issue.

If you setup a connection manager you’'ll have to do this anyway (I think!) so unless the number of users is high then probably easier just to direct people to the new domain - probably on a new IP on the server so the ISA needs no alteration?


I tried to open ports 5222, 5223, 5262 on the ISA Server to allow the spark client to communicate directly with the exisiting wildfire server, but i could not get it to work and I don’'t know how to troubleshoot it.

OK, The final solution to this was to install connection Manager on a computer behind ISA Server. Then install the firewall client on that computer. All the local spark users should be able to hit the connection manager and the firewall client allows everything to pass through ISA Server