What is the mailing list of Wildfire?

I want to use wildfire to develop a further software, but I am a newer to Wildfire. So I have a few questions to ask. Does wildfire workgroup have a mailing list? And I want to join in. Is anyone so kind to tell me the mailing list of Wildfire ? Thanks in advance!

Lv Hongliang

You don’'t want mailing list from wildfire cause wildfire forum is so active it will fill up your mail box quickly. You can always mark thread as ‘‘watching’’ to get the update delieverd to your mail box.


Just to add to wmhtet answer. No, there is no mailing list at JS.org AFAIK. JiveSoftware is developing forum software so it’'s logical they prefer to use they own product. And they have a lot of cheap testers here

heh, cheap tester

Hi Oleg,

yeah, but if we could find a forum which has also email support then Jivesoftware may also add it to their forum.

Maybe you know the Oracle CMSDK, there you have IMAP / SMB / NFS / HTTP / FTP access to a virtual filesystem.

I could imagine to use an IMAP mail program to browse the forum and to reply to messages. So I could also move some important threads around in special folders and so on.



We’‘re actually working on improved email integration at the moment. The first step is to support the ability to reply to watches by email. We’'d also like to support the ability to submit new threads by email in the future.



Thanks to all the reply! I find it is certain that this forum can replace of the mailing list.