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What is this "short delay" for?

Now before posting any message on the forums it shows “Your message will be visible after the short delay”. What is this for?

That is the side effect of enabling short-term query cache, which you requested.

Me? Can you refresh my memory and explain what this short-term query cash do or improve?

So, can you explain what is this short delay for, what this improves and when did i ask for this? Now editing of messages is very unpredictable, i cant say when i’m seeing the final version and when it is showing the previous version in the edit window.

I apologize for the delay in my response.

I was mistaken about who made the request; I responded without checking my inbox.

In short, we enabled the Short-term query cache to tweak performance. However, I’ve disabled it again as it does have that rather unfriendly side-effect. I have also tweaked apache cache settings to get better user experience by caching javascript, etc. There may be more to do in that area.

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    How long does it take for you to display the “insert link” page? For me it takes about 10 seconds the first time, especially if my browser cache is empty. After closing the window opening it again will take about 2 seconds. That’s still not fast but better than before where it would always take about 10 seconds. So I asked for some options which should be enabled to make the user experience better.

As only you did notice the message I wonder whether “short-term query” is a good or a bad idea.


Usually all insert actions take long. But i cant say now. After crashing on me 3 times in a row yesterday i have switched to HTML editor again…


you could try to load the attached HTML file with Firefox. Open it and press Ctrl+F5 while Firefox is still loading. This will purge old objects and download about 2 MB within one minute (depending on your bandwidth).

Then the HTML editor will load then really fast, also inserting links will work fine for a while.

If you have a local proxy (squid) running you can create your own file, I wonder whether it makes sense to setup a cron job which fetches these URLs every hour.

jive-static.html (41676 Bytes)
jive-static.sh (1139 Bytes)

Related to my post in the RTE crash thread ( Firefox is crashing when doing Reply or Edit ) … please let me know if you see a change (hopefully an improvement) in performance and caching.


Hi Benjamin,

I usually launch the static.html file before I post a reply. Without it I do not see an improvement, maybe there is one but then it’s very small and inserting links does still take ten seconds.

Loading the “post reply” page without content takes about 600ms, that’s fine. But then the generated javascript file “/community/resources/scripts/gen/{random number}.js” is needed, loading it usually takes 600-1100ms (694055 bytes without compression). One should at least compress it, this should reduce the size to 200kB.

I’d prefer to make it static and if dynamic things are required one may want to use AJAX to load them.


I’m very confused why you are not seeing gzipped “/community/resources/scripts/gen/{random number}.js” file. Every time I load it in Firefox (on Linux, Windows or Mac) or in Safari (Mac or Windws) the file is gzipped.

This is because we are now gziping all content by default in the apache server using mod_deflate.

There are exceptions for older versions of IE (IE6 pre SP2 and earlier) and for old Mozilla 4 browsers. Also excluded are binary file formats, such as already compressed files (exe, gz, zip, etc) and images.

At this point, if you are not getting a gzipped copy of the generated js file I’m wondering if your proxy server (I think you mentioned you use a personal proxy) is doing something to the content before it gets to you or we need to investigate what user-agent your browser is sending.