What JSP Framework was used with Openfire?

Hi just for curiosity, what JSP Framework was used with Openfire? Is it Struts or is it Spring?


From what I see no MVC framework like Struts is used. It’s plain JSP (with JSTL), and the JSP code is talking to various components like org.jivesoftware.util.WebManager and its base class org.jivesoftware.util.WebBean.

For the simplest example how it is used have a look at server-restart.jsp

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It’s true that the Admin Console is made up of “plain” jsp’s and doesn’t use Struts or Spring. However, Sitemesh is used to provide the navigation and look and feel.

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In light of the Struts 2 vulnerability and since it’s been 6 years since this post. Can you please confirm that OpenFire does not use Struts? Thank you.