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What kind of magic

do I have to work to get buddy Icons for Transports working - so far I have OF 3.4.1, embedded DB, IM Plugin 1.2.0 and Gajim 0.11.1 as client. All Tests to no avail - error log keeps complainig about avatar added being of wrong type for db. Any help? thanx in advance …

Using embedded db?

yes, embedded DB - actually having a few stability problems with the plugin 1.2.0 - contacts suddenly become invisible - and can’t join groupchats while transports are active. After deleting the transports everything just works fine again.

That’s odd =) I’m not running into any problems on my end. What client are you using and what version of it? There was an known bug with an earlier version of Spark that caused contact list problems. The inability to join groupchats doesn’t make a lot of sense. Anything in the logs when you try to join? As for the avatars with the embedded DB, there is indeed a known issue with that that I haven’t tracked down yet. See GATE-393