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What missing feature is stopping your rollout?

What missing feature is keeping your organization from rolling out Jive Messenger?

There are many features that would be nice to have that are not keeping people from rolling out JM, but I’'m asking about showstoppers. To keep the discussion focused, let me lay out some ground rules. Assume you already have the following: a good client, a server to put JM on, and an organization ready to do the rollout. Assuming you had everything lined up and ready to go, is there anything about Jive Messenger, itself, preventing your rollout?

PS - Jive Messenger 2.1.3 is supposed to come out in the next day or two, and some of your showstoppers may be fixed in that version. So you may want to check the JIRA roadmap for 2.1.3 to see what issues have been resolved. You can see the roadmap here:

http://www.jivesoftware.org/issues/browse/JM?report=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.sy stem.project:roadmap-panel

multi domain support

sorry I should have been more specific, LDAP auth support for multiple domains in an AD forest.

we have about 40k users in an AD forest and I can only authenticate using one domain in the forest.

The only showstopper for me is LDAP-enabled shared groups (JM-129).

There are over 400 users in my organization (single AD domain and forest). Our goal is to use an LDAP filter to create shared groups for every department in our org. Since we don’‘t have this feature yet, I’'m planning on rolling it out only to the IT staff (about 12 people) until JM-129 is completed.

Also, I failed to mention this in my original message in the thread, but if you have a feature you want added, find the JIRA issue for that feature and vote for it.


I’'ve filed JM-266 about this issue. It would be great if you can post any comments on the issue that would offer additional insight on the feature request. Be sure to vote for it too.