What out of the box handling does smack provide for headline type messages?

Going through smack 4.1.0 source, I could find that the ChatManager class only handles chat type messages (and normal type messages, if set) and filters the rest. Are there any similar implementations for headline type messages, or do I have to implement it on my own?

How should the “out of the box handling” of headline messages look like?

You already can add a stanza listener for headline messages and handle them

connection.addAsyncStanzaListener(new StanzaListener() {


public void processPacket(Stanza stanza) {

Message headlineMessage = (Message) stanza;

// handle headline message


, MessageTypeFilter.HEADLINE);

I can’t figure what else an XMPP library should or can provide. It’s not like ChatManager which manages XMPP-IM chats by threads and resource locking. So there is some more logic involved. But of course I’m open for suggestions.

Now that you say so, it actually makes sense to me that there is not much default handling possible for headline type messages. Thanks.