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What should be the VCard for non existing user?


I’'ve noticed that Wildfire returns a blank VCard when requesting VCard for non existing user.

First of all, I thought that it wasn’‘t the correct behaviour, so I have a look at the XEP (http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0054.html) and they don’'t mention what should be return when asking for a vcard of a non-existing user.

I think that the best is to return an item-not-found exception when user request VCard for a non existing user (and also maybe for user who hasn’'t define yet a vcard).

I’'ve patched the VCardManager to do so:

// Only try to get the vCard values of non-anonymous users
            if (recipient != null) {
                if (recipient.getNode() != null && server.isLocal(recipient)) {
                    VCardManager vManager = VCardManager.getInstance();
                    Element userVCard = vManager.getVCard(recipient.getNode());
                    if (userVCard != null) {
                        // Check if the requester wants to ignore some vCard''s fields
                        Element filter = packet.getChildElement()
                                .element(QName.get("filter", "vcard-temp-filter"));
                        if (filter != null) {
                            // Create a copy so we don''t modify the original vCard
                            userVCard = userVCard.createCopy();
                            // Ignore fields requested by the user
                            for (Iterator toFilter = filter.elementIterator(); toFilter.hasNext();)
                                Element field = (Element) toFilter.next();
                                Element fieldToRemove = userVCard.element(field.getName());
                                if (fieldToRemove != null) {
                    //PATCH BEGIN
                    else if(!UserManager.getInstance().isRegisteredUser(recipient.getNode())) {
                      result = IQ.createResultIQ(packet);
                    //PATCH END

What do you think?

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I did create JM-1065 to track this issue.


Thanks a lot LG