Whats does the warning sign next to the server name mean?

just wondering, i changed the server name, now i have a warning sign next to the server name in the console. i tried searching for this info but didnt find the right thing i guess.

Should I be worried about it?

The reason i changed is that it had the box name as the server name, and when i add user, i’m adding username@App1 but instead o like to add “username@chat” or perhaps "username@domain.com" matching the email address

i would like for the chat server to be called “chat” independently of the users name, which might be the users email address

so basically, is there known problem? i guess so, just cant figure out what

will i have to re-setup or re-add the users after this change?

The server box that its at is called App1, it hosts other things as well, nothing too heavy and its a decent box, and i got less than 10 users total,

Sorry if the question seems stupid, just a doubt.



If you changed the name of the server, you also need to delete the existing server certificates. The server will then create new certificates based on the new server name.

Thansk for the info, that did it.

One other thing though, when i add contacts to a users buddy list, I see that it is adding users@app1 still and not users@chat, what else should i change? i’m using Pidgin as a client.

Will I have to readd everyone else to the buddy list again? if so I might just stick to the original name.

Thanks again.



if you only change the xmpp.domain in the Openfire properties you break a lot of things. Every roster gets broken as you did notice. You need either the export / import plugin or change all occurrences of “chat” to “newdomain” where “chat” is used as the xmpp.domain.