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What's the correct way to make changes on OpenFire Administration Console?

Hi guys.

I’m a begineer on Openfire, so I see that’s very easy, instead.

I have a server with Openfire 3.6.3. Some days ago a I made a change on LDAP settings using Openfire’s Administration Console. I lose web access to openfire with the username and password. I fix that, but I didn’t know what I did wrong or what I could make to avoid this.

Soon I’ll have to make a new change on that server. Actually my server has the IP and I need the on that server. What could be the better way to change de IP addreess in Openfire to avoid a crash on the service as I made in the Ldap change situation?

Thanks for your help.


if you have named your server based on IP it will cause many problems when renaming. It will orphan any accounts already used for starters.

Thanks for your help Todd.

I really need to keep the Ip address as name. Is there a way to make changes avoiding troubles as I described?

Why would it need to have an IP for a name?

That it’s about internal policies on my company.

You would need to alter the data sved in the database. It is a very manual process.