What's the trick to getting AV to work?

I am looking for IM which is A/V, I don’t really need the text portion.

I installed the latest openfire server and latest spark client along with the redfire plugin.

Everything seems to work as it should but not audio/video.

I have read that this seems to be a hit and miss setup but I figured I’d post here before coming to that conclusion.

Not really sure what else to add at this time.

We open one client, go into a video chat, we can see the small window but never the other user in the larger window.

Different things happen but here is the main thing.

If we connect directly, we don’t often even see our own small video window.

If we connect to the openfire port 7070 test page, one picks user 1, the other user 2, we get prompted to allow video then only see our small video window.

One thing that always shows up on the bottom is 'NC NetConnection Connect Closed

I also notice that the webcam light is flashing on and off. Moving my hand around, I can tell that the video is going on and off.

I can’t imagine that this is a firewall issue because I turned off iptables on the server to make sure and never got promtped on the windows client about it.

Now really sure what else to try in trying to see what the problem is so looking for help, input, suggestions and willing to porvide more info as I find it.


I got rid of the Connect problem by turning off the red5 server which was also running stand alone on that server.

Ooops, I forgot I was already running a red5 server on that machine. Anyhow, that took care of the video cutting in and out.

Now, with only openfire running there are no connect errors, but, still having problems.

When I click on the 'red5 audio/video option, on both ends, a window pops up but again, we can see the small video window on one client, the other can now see the other full screen video but that client cannot send anything.

Firewalls are turned off on the server and both client pc’s.

I believe we are close but sure could use some input from the community with this.

I sure hope this is a more helpful community than it appears to be so far.

Solved by updating flash. Makes me a bit nervous however that apps aren’t very well tested if it took a flash upgrade to fix the problem.