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Whatsapp Transport: transWhat

Hey out there,

transWhat: " … transWhat is a WhatsApp XMPP Gateway based on Spectrum2 … "


Yesterday the author released the sources under the GPL at github: https://github.com/stv0g/transwhat

I’m not capable of adding this transport to the kraken gateway, so i was wondering if someone else might be?

Even though it’s not based on kraken, it would be awesome, having a whatsapp XMPP transport, would’t it?

Anyway, i hope someone here is going to add it if possible, thanks!


If you noticed, this forum has “(discontinued)” in its name. Kraken is not in development anymore, so no new gateways would be added to it, unless someone takes over this project and continue development. maybe you should look at switching to Spectrum.

This would be an interesting addition to Spectrum and GoJara/Spark. The project weems to be at a very early state and the statement regarding WhatsAPI is not promising. The German text states that WhatsApp has threatend the dev team of WhatsAPI with legal steps. It looks to me like WhatsApp is not eager to allow other implementations of their chat protocol. If the play cat and mouse with the WhatsAPI developers, we can not ensure a working WhatsApp connectivity.

This scenario was basically the reason why Kraken developement was stoped and we moved to Spectrum.im. The later relies on Pidgin libraries where a large community is supporting the chat protocol development. Long story short: If Pidgin or any other big multi protocol client supports WhatsApp, we may work on integrating WhatsApp.

Just for information, here is a report of another Whatsapp open source dev:

So WhatsApp has sent me their lawyers. …They have demanded I stop distributing products which infringe their TOS and IP on openwhatsapp.org, including Wazapp, OpenWhatsapp for BB10 and Yowsup.

Wow this is quite interesting. Being able to send and receive WA messages from Openfire/Spark trough Spectrum would be really useful. Too bad WhatsApp is aggresively going against this project. Since they began to monetize their app in 2013 they’re quite touchy.

Still, reverse engineering is legal in europe, so they can do little apart of harassing the developers. Unless they change the protocol and close the API, the project will go on.

Thanks for your answer.

Indeed, i did notice the “(discontinued)”, but after reading through the forum, i noticed it’s still quite active,

so i wasn’t sure about how discontinued it realy was.

I guess I’ll have a look at spectrum/pidgin, perhaps someone is going to integrate to code into one of the libraries… .

Sending lawyers… .

F*** WA

I don’t like using WA, but atm, there’s not much to do about it (besides using a real XMPP-account, which most of my contacts don’t have , “… to difficult…” ,"… not as easy as WA … " …