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When a user in group and roster

when a user in group and roster,admin console del this user from the group,at the same time this user login by client,client can’'t dynamicly show the change.


This is what I understand, the Roster is created and sent to the client when the client login and there after server sends presence message to the client.

So in your case, if the client has logged in before admin deleted the user from the group, he will see the group until he logs off, since the roster message was sent to the client before he was deleted from the group.

To change the user group dynamically, you will have to request for roster periodically.

Hope this helps


firstly,thank you for your reply.

i use Exodus login.

in admin console,i created several groups.i del/add users to these groups constantly.sometimes,after several this kind of operate,client can not show the changes correctly.


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why nobady help me!?


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Hi Jackie,

Wildfire seems to have some issues with shared groups. See my post


Besides Wildfire, some clients also handle shared groups in a ungracefull way.