When are spark plugs going to be available and where do we get them

when are spark plugs going to be available and where do we get them

looked around a bit and didnt seem to find anything


Sparkplugs are going to be up as they are developed by developers. Since the API only came out last week, don’'t expect a huge flood immediately.

Some of the sparkplugs are put in the automatic plug-in installation utility within Spark. Just go Spark > Plugins > Available and you will see a couple already.

I finished one that should be up soon: http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=113278&#113278

always get the same thing plugin repository unavailable… maybe it needs proxy settings configured? spark doesnt seem to have that option… is there a website repository we can manually navigate to?

Ideas on how to get the plugin auto repository thingy workjing?

I found proxy settings at the loging screen advanced i think and still the same issue be it configured or not


the translation plugin itself uses the proxy. Spark does not use the proxy to query the server. You may want to read “Installing Translator if Spark has no direct internet connection.”



Got those but… the auto search for plugins how can i get that weorking and is there an official DL page for the plugins?


Spark does not use the proxy settings to query the update or the plugin server. May one create a SPARK issue and fix this?

The SparkManager should still work and be able to deliver plugins and updates without using the proxy. I’'m missing an explanation when the normal http proxy is used. For chatting it is actually not used, maybe for filetransfer?


Indeed the proxy settings were not being picked up. This has been filed as SPARK-225 and will be fixed in the next release.