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When I restart restart openfire cant login after initial install (RHEL 7 Oracle 12C)

Im running RHEL 7/ Java 8 with Openfire 4.1.3 with Oracle 12C integrated with a Windows 2012 Domain. I am able to complete the install for Openfire, I have successfully integrated the AD using SSSD, KRB5, and SMB. Jar file odbcj5.jar. After completing the install, I am able to login with my domain admin account. As soon as I reboot or restart the Openfire service, I get authentication error. If I look at the Openfire Iog file, I get am getting no tablespace errors and permission problems. I am pretty sure I need to change my odbcj version from 5 to 8 to match the Java 1.8, but bot really sure whats causing this issue. The jive user can connect to the OracleDB successfully manually. I would really appreciate assistance with this issue.