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When RedSpark plugin will be available?

I want facebook/gmail type chat on my website, i have tried some xmpp clients like jappix etc but could not able to configure them with openfire, Can some body tell me about RedSpark plugin, when that will be available?


RedSpark is abandoned. Look at using project inspired-social instead for ideas. It is using webrtc and jappix-mini with WordPress and BuddyPress


Thanks Dele,

Project Inspired social looks good but i need simple xmpp client app for chatting just appearance like facebook chat. i tried to configure jappix but could not succeed because of cross domain issues.

is there any other plugin available for this?

please suggest.

Try jappix-mini again with Openfire 3.7.2 nightly build. It has support for CORS in http-bind which eliminates cross domain issues with most browsers except old IE6.

Otherwise, look at inspired social source code folder and use the jsjac.js library that has support for Openfire websockets which also fixes cross domain issues and perform much much better than http-bind (bosh)

Openfire 3.7.2 is released? please give its download path.


Nightly builds