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When Request an XMPP Federation account,it need a Primary Jabber ID ,what is that?

hi, when I request an XMPP Federation account (https://www.xmpp.net/user/register), it needs a Primary Jabber ID , what is that? Is it admin id? For example, if my Jabber server running at foo.com, my admin account is admin, is the Primary Jabber ID is amdin@foo.com? Or some other JID?

hi all, I need your help! It is importmant for me. Below is what I need to input for request a XMPP Federation account. If my Jabber server running at foo.com, then the Primay Server Domain is foo.com. But what is Primary Jabber ID here? Is it also foo .com? Thanks for your help.

Primary Server Domain: *

The domain of the primary Jabber/XMPP server you administer. If you don’t run a Jabber server, don’t register an account here!

Primary Jabber ID: *

for server admins. If you don’t know what a Jabber ID is, don’t even
bother registering, because if your JID is invalid we will delete your

Hey cao yunfei,

You might want to post your question to the XMPP mailing list since they are the ones that created that site. From what I understand of that link your assumptions are correct.

Primary Server Domain - It’s the XMPP domain of your Openfire server. You can get this value from the main page of the admin console.

Primary Jabber ID - It’s your JID (XMPP address of your account) where they can reach you. This could be any JID address is any server but I would suspect that it’s expected to be an address hosted by the server you are registering. So if you server’s domain is foo.com then the admin should have an account in that domain. It could be admin@foo.com or john@foo.com or any other account of that domain that is being used by the admin.


– Gato



Thanks for your patient and detailed answer

Best Regards

Cao Yunfei