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When using pubsub, and mysql db, where are unprocessed messages stored?


I have a little test harness, that tries to publish as many messages as possible to a node on openfire via pubsub. At high rates, I get a backlog on the subscriber side, and my initial assumption was these are queued on openfire (as if I use ejabberd I seem to get a higher thruput, so from that I ruled out something on the subscriber end… but its still possible I guess).

Anyway, my main question is, would a backlog be stored in openfire in some table? or held in memory? As switching to mysql has sped things up, I was assuming its a table entry, and so after sending a high volume of messages, where the publish rate is about 6000 per sec, and receiver in 600 per sec, I thought I might find a backlog of queued messages in a table. But looking through openfire.ofPubsub tables, I don’t really see any stored messages.

So are they still all held in memory?