Where are the keyboard shortcuts?


for Spark 114 Alt+S, +A and H did open menu items, with 2.0.0 only AltS runs fine. Switching to “Conference” tab Alt+A does - like in 114 - not open the “Actions” menu but “Add Conference Service”.

SPARK-284 is also about Hotkeys, now that the http://www.jivesoftware.org/fisheye/viewrep/svn-org/spark/trunk/src/resources/i1 8n/spark_i18n.properties?r=5291 is available everyone could solve this issue and send Derek a proper file.

Actually it seems to be not possible to use Spark without a mouse, with 114 it was hard but for 200 it seems to be nearly impossible.


Since version 2. +

using Control - N

to search for names does not work anymore.

The ‘‘find contacts’’ window comes up

but when entering a letter to search on

or pressing enter nothing comes up.

Can this please be fixed.

Worked great in ver 1.1.4