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Where are the spark window size settings stored?


I have an issue with the Spark chat window not displaying in windowed mode. If I force it to maximised, I can see it with no problems, but clicking on the Restore button makes it disappear completely.

I have uninstalled and used different new/beta installs but the problem remains.

I suspect it’s a bad setting in whatever file or registry setting stores the window XY positions, but I can’t find where the file is.

Does anyone know where the spark window size settings stored?



C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Spark\layout.settings

Thanks for your help.

For those using Windows 7, the location is:


We are having the same issue. I don’t see a spark directory under the user’s profile, however. I assume that is what the issue is? Is there a fix for this?

If you are using 2.5.8 version then it should be there. Maybe in your environment Spark can’t create a profile folder directly in user’s folder. What about other settings? Does it save username and password?

We are using Spark 2.6.0 Beta 2 on Win XP. Here is what I’ve discovered

since my last post.

The Beta version we are using is creating the spark directory under

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Spark. I have confirmed

that this directory does exist for the users and so does the layout.settings

file. However, there is a difference in this file when comparing between a

user’s machine that is working properly and one that isn’t. The chatFrameY

and chatFrameX values both equal zero on the trouble machines, and are

populated with non-zero values on the good machines.

I can edit this file and it fixes it on my end, however that doesn’t fix the

bug that is causing it.

Spark’s profile folder path has been changed to Application Data only in the recent SVN code. So it is strange that it is creating that folder in Application Data for you with Beta 2.

I can edit this file and it fixes it on my end, however that doesn’t fix the
bug that is causing it.

This also doesn’t reveal what the bug is. I haven’t seen such issue myself. This is happening for some users, but there is no clear steps to reproduce it.