Where can I find the correct org.apache.mina mina-core sources?

I am trying to debug Openfire V3.9.3, but I noticed that the supplied sources jar for mina-core is off.

The jar file, mina-core.jar, refers in the WEB-INF to the 1.1.8 SNAPSHOT sources, but only the 1.1.7 sources jar seems to be supplied.

Anybody knows why that is? And where can I find the correct 1.1.8 SNAPSHOT sources for mina-core?

This may help you:

https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/commit/4e2be865e43922b7f04d2292368b76 9f1e8a8626#diff-d74cc07c5bb437ecf211f11167a35481