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Where can i get the openfire.jar for the plugin development?


Where can i get the latest version (3.5.1) of openfire.jar for plugin development? Or i need to ant it myself via the source ?


From BillChan.

Hy Billchan…!

I don’t understand what U want to say…? But about openfire.jar file You can find it from …/target/openfire/lib Directory.! AND Any Plugins jar file from …/target/openfire/plugins Directory…!

if U want to make yr custom plugins and then finally plugin.jar,you should follow build.xml in build Directory…properly!


I need openfire.jar to be included in my IDE, to develop openfire plugin. Otherwise, the IDE keeps prompt Class not found error on my code, and cannot provide auto-complete function. Sorry i cannot get the location of …/target/opefire/lib… I have downloaded both the openfire_src_3_5_1.zip and [openfire_3_5_1.zip|http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/download-landing.jsp?file=openfire/openf ire_3_5_1.zip] but still cannot find openfire.jar inside. Would you mind to show me again about the location of the openfire.jar file ?

Thanks very much.

From BillChan.

Hi Billchan,

You can find openfire.jar in Openfire installation lib directory and use this for devloping plugin.

But if u want to it from openfire_src_3_5_1.zip and openfire_3_5_1.zip you have to build the source code using ant file. You can find here how to Building the Source . After bulding you can find openfire.jar in ./target/openfire/lib directory of your openfire source directory and you can use it in your plugin devlopment.


Thanks for reply. I have downloaded this package ‘[openfire_3_5_2.tar.gz|http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/download-landing.jsp?file=openfire/openf ire_3_5_2.tar.gz] Works on most Unix variants, no Java JRE’ from offical page and untar it. In the lib/ directory, i just got this file ‘openfire.jar.pack’. May i know, i have got the wrong package, or something i need to do to make that .pack file to the real .jar file? From BillChan.

Hello BillChan,

You downloaded correct version and its untar also done successfully. When you first time run this openfire, ‘openfire.jar.pack’ automatically converted in to openfire.jar as I tried it.

You can run this by following command:

java -DopenfireHome=./ -Dopenfire.lib.dir=./lib/ -classpath ./lib/startup.jar -jar ./lib/startup.jar

from directory where you untar. it.

May this will solve your problem

Thanks, i got it. I have not noticed that the openfire.jar will come out after the openfire start.

Thanks a lot.

From BillChan.

From where you got this ? have you created any plugins ?