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Where can I hard code the server address in spark source

Hi, I’ve succesfully compile and branded spark, but cant sort out where I can set default things like the server host and the theme setting (system or other)

Please dont give me a post install answer Im looking where to set this in source before compile.



Here’s the file… \src\java\org\jivesoftware\resource\default.properties

look for Host_Name =

and put your FQDN, example imserver.domain.com

Hope that helps.

Thanks, Do you know though if this is something that can be overwritten? I dont want something for ease, I want it so they have no choice with the client i provide.


Yes this is something that can be overwritten.

Strange, mine is grayed out and cannot be over written by the end user.

Perhaps I made more changes to disable it?

that should grey it out and can’t be overwritten at first, but if an incorrect username and/or password is entered then it kicks back and you can change it. it does go back to what you set after restarting the client. thats kinda buggish if you ask me but whatever, just use sso and they never even see it