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Where did the Mac go from Continuous Integration?

For the last two weeks the plans that have been running on the agent “Mac”, have been queuing.

This relates to



And for all XIFF plans


Does anyone know what happend or how it could be fixed?

The Bamboo agent likes to crash on that system, I restarted it.


By the way, would it be possible to upgrade the Flex SDK used in that machine?

The plans for XIFF are using 3.6 at the moment, while 4.6 is the latest.


I have installed it on the Mac host at: /opt/flex_sdk_4.6.0.23201 , is that what you need?

Yes, thank you.

Will get back to you in case it is not…

Someting is not right…


That is the first job ran after changed to new SDK version

Hmmm, I am not sure

Well it does say that:

[taskdef] Could not load definitions from resource flexTasks.tasks. It could not be found.

While that file should be in

flex.ant.tasks = ${FLEX_HOME}/ant/lib/flexTasks.jar

and at least in the copy of Flex SDK of same version I am using, that file exists…

Perhaps it is missing…?

Oh, the j2ee-bamboo user could not read that file. I have modified file ownerships, please try again!

Much better, thanks!