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Where did the old shell startup script go?

Hi all,

I have successfully built the new (3.3) Openfire tree from both the beta source distribution and SVN. However, I don’‘t see a startup script file equivalent to the one distributed with wildfire in the bin directory. The openfire.sh script is very different from that one, it doesn’‘t recognize JAVA_HOME properly and doesn’'t start the JVM in the background. The script included in the last version of wildfire seemed much more robust and supported start/stop/status command line arguments. Was this script removed from this version for some reason? Am I missing a build target?



Hey Ike,

You are probably referring to the RPM created using install4j. RPMs created using install4j will provide the script that you are referring that support the option to start/stop the service. For Openfire 3.3.0 we are working on providing native RPM installers that will also provide scripts to start/stop the service. I haven’'t implemented that new feature but you can give them a try. Run ant target.rpm to create native installers that will provide new start/stop scripts.


– Gato

Thanks Gato. I believe the script was also included in the .tar.gz version of the download since that’'s the one I got last time.

I will actually look into building the Debian package target instead