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Where do I find the messenger_init.xml file?

I have installed Jive messenger on a Linux Server the uname info is:

[i]uname -a

Linux linux #1 SMP Wed Mar 23 21:52:37 UTC 2005 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux[/i][/b]

When I run the Jiver Server, and goto the setup url I get the following:

Jive Messenger Setup

Error: Can not proceed with Jive Messenger Setup.

Your current installation fails to meet minimum Jive Messenger requirements - please see the checklist below:

At least JDK 1.5

Servlet 2.3 Support

JSP 1.2 Support

Jive Messenger Classes

Home not found. Define system property “messengerHome” or create and add the messenger_init.xml file to the classpath

Please read the installation documentation and try setting up your environment again. After making changes, restart your appserver and load this page again.[/i]

I have set the messengerHome variable, but have no idea where I can get the messenger_init.xml file, I have looked for this every where and looked for references to this all over the internet, I’'m completely stumped with this one, so any help would be apprieciated!

Make shure you use jdk 1.5.

Forget for the moment the other stuff and try this.

go to your jivemessenger directory and change to the lib directory. Enter the following command:

java -jar startup.jar

The server should start now and you can point you browser to the setup location i.e. localhost:9090

good luck!

I kept getting this exact same message when trying to set up Jive. What I found was that there is a post install script that was not run by the rpm installer.

look in the /opt/jive_messenger/bin/extra folder. There should be a script named redhat-postinstall.sh In order to get mine to work I had to give that script execute permissions and run it. I run Suse 10 and after running that script it allowed me to ccess the setup page in web browser.

Hope that helps

More specifically though, you need to make sure that the home directory for your Jive user is set to the directory that Jive is installed in, usually opt/jive_messenger