Where do I start the Wildfire setup tool?

I am setting up an external DB (mySQL) and Im at step4 where it says:

Start the Wildfire setup tool, and use the appropriate JDBC connection settings.

Im sort of lost as to what I do here and where? Not sure about this either?

driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

server: jdbc:mysql://[YOUR_HOST]/[DATABASE_NAME]

Thanks in advance!

For step 4, it simply tell you to install Wildfire. If it is installed, run the server and launch the admin console. If it’'s the first time you run the server, you will be redirected to the setup interface. Follow the instructions shown on the screen.

And for the following:

Driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver[/code]

That means input “com.mysql.jdbc.Driver” for the JDBC driver field.

server: jdbc:mysql://YOUR_HOST/DATABASE_NAME[/code]

That means follow this to enter the JDBC server field:

“jdbc:mysql://” first, then your DB hostname (I think IP is OK. And don’'t forget the port), then another “/”, then the name of the database wildfire should use.

Yea I was using cPanel and it did it for me. I am currently using the embedded database. How do I change it to using mySQL?

Does it have to do with something in the wildfire.xml?

I would assume something here?


you need to run the setup once again. If you want to migrate your users from hsqldb to mysql you may want to use the user export/import plugin.

To run the setup again it should be sufficient to stop Wifi, edit conf/wildfire.xml and change and start Wifi.


Yea I just set it up last night so I only have one user that is me. No biggy there. So just change that one command and rerun it then. Thanks for the info… I will see how it goes!

That worked just great! Thanks for all the help and advice guys… much appreciated. Now if anyone feels like helping me with the JWChat or knows where I can find a readme that has more detail to I would also appreciate that.

This wildfire is an excellent program!!

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