Where does a xiff swf have to live?

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Marking myself as a complete noob here today but I want to check whether something is possible with xiff. I am building a desktop app in which I’d like to embed a xiff swf. Does a xiff swf have to live on the same server as the jabberd instance that it is connecting to or can it be distributed to the desktop? I’ve been reading contradictory stuff online which seems as though it may be outdated but I also have concerns in regards to the last damned update to the flash player which seems to have knocked the networked flash community for a tizzy…

Also, is there a good comparison anywhere online between as3xmpp and xiff. From what I have been able to tell so far xiff is far more robust and this may be a bit biased a place to be asking this question but what are the plusses and minuses between the two?

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You might want to check out Adobe AIR for desktop XIFF use.

As to the as3xmpp question, I don’t have any experience with it unfortunately, so I’m not sure how it compares.

Thank you David. Unfortunately, AIR won’t be an option for me in this case - another technology that I’m very much looking forward to digging into. Basically, what I am working with is this:

We’ve embedded the adobe flash player into a 3Dengine. We are using flash to create a HUD and a bunch of Tools for in-world use, but they must be .swf files just like you would create for running on the web. My question is, is it possible to run xiff from a remote server outside of a web-browser - i.e. the jabber server resides on a remote server while the xiff clients run from within a local desktop app - or does the xiff client need to reside on the same server as the jabber server?

Kind of muddy wordy but it is the end of a very long day of coding and clients on this end :-)…

Thank you for your input.


The only thing that might cause problems is the various restrictions on cross-domain connections. crossdomain.xml should be able to deal with that though.

Hi David,

Thank you. That is very helpful and I figured that I’d have to get some sort of crossdomain.xml deal going… I’m happy to hear that that is the only restriction.

Is there a place that I can find some tutes, docs or examples?